Create Short Method URL Action

An action to create a short URL to easily share.

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The Create Short Method URL action will create a short, unique link to a specific Method screen within your account.

The link will follow the below format, where the question marks are a random set of alphanumeric characters.



Who will access this link?

  • Guest user: Link accessible by a contact in your account.

  • Public User: Link accessible by anyone who has internet.

  • Method User of your Account: link accessible only by a Method user.

Specify the guest contact RecordID

This only shows if Guest user is selected. You will need to specify the contact's Record ID. Screens expecting a guest will thus be able to filter the data so it's specific to the contact.

Open this screen

The screen the link will show. Select an existing App and screen within that app.

Set this Active Record ID

If the screen is showing a record from its base table, this will be the Record ID for the record being viewed.

Where to store the value referenced by the key.


  • Creating a link for a guest user may not necessary if the screen being created will go into the Contacts portal. Send them to the portal login instead.

  • A screen must have the proper screen permissions before creating this link. For example, if you are creating a public link for a Method screen, the screen's security permissions should be set to Allow screen to be shared publicly.

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