Send Email Action

Using the Send Email Action

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The Send Email action will send an email based on the parameters you set.

Emails sent from Method will show up in View Sent Emails in your account.


Sender's Email Address: the "From" field
Sender's Name: the "From" name
Contact Record ID: associate a contact to this email  (not fully implemented yet).
Recipient Email Address: the "To" field

Include CC and BCC: checkboxes to reveal "Carbon Copy" and "Blind Carbon Copy" fields.

CC's email address (visible when CC checkbox checked): add in CC emails separated by a comma.
BCC's email address (visible when BCC checkbox checked): add in BCC emails separated by a comma.

Batch Name: categorize the email with a given name (not fully implemented yet).
Subject: the text for the subject.
Body: the text for the body of the email.
Add an attachment: Add an attachment to the email. You can add more than one attachment

Under Advanced Email Server Settings, the Specify email server settings is unchecked by default. When checked, instead of using the default email server to send out the email, you can specify an alternate server.

  • Server: email server to use.

  • Username: user to authenticate with on the email server.

  • Password: password to authenticate with on the email server.

  • Port: port to use.

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