Map Widget

Display locations specified by Map Route option in the Mapping Functions action.

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The Map object is a widget which will display a route as defined by the Map Route option from the Mapping Functions action.

When Map Route has is selected, you will get the choice to select a map object to show the route on. In the below example, the map object has been given the route as shown in the grid.

NOTE: The map object is only the graphical map in the above image. The grid and the button are separate.

Map Object Properties

When you select the map object, you will be able to configure its settings, however, it does not have any styles or events associated with it.


  • Caption: The name for the map object. This is needed to identify which map object to use in the Mapping Functions action.

  • Hide Caption: If you’re just labeling your control for your own information but don’t want the text to show in the live screen, check this box.

  • Load State: The initial state when the screen loads.

  • Height: Height of the map in pixels.

  • Width: How wide the control is in relation to its container.

    • Fixed lets you assign a width in pixels.

    • Full will make it the full width of the container it has been dragged into.

    • Auto will adjust the width accordingly, based on the container.


There are no style settings available for the map object.

Actions / Events

There are no actions or events associated with the map object.

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