A checkbox object is used to capture a yes/no answer from a user. It only has two options for the user: checked and unchecked.

Checkbox Object Properties

When you select the checkbox object, you can configure its settings, styles, and events.


  • Caption: The text displayed beside the checkbox.

  • Hide Caption: If you’re just labeling your control for your own information but don’t want the text to show in the live screen, check this box.

  • Load State: The default state of the control (regular/hidden/disabled).

  • Initially set to Checked: This means the checkbox will be checked when the screen loads.

  • Check Alignment: Have the checkbox on the left or the right of the caption.

  • Width: How wide should your control be in relation to the screen?  
    - Auto: object will be the width of the text and/or icon
    - Fixed: assign the width of the object in pixels
    - Full: object will be full width of the section or cell it has been dragged into


  • Checkbox Background color: Set the background color of the checked box from the preset Method palette.

  • Caption color/size/text alignment/font weight: Choose the color, size, alignment, and weight of the text in your caption.


  • Change event: Event triggers when a user checks or unchecks the box.

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