Can an App be set to Read Only?

How to allow your users to only view the records of an app.

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Method has the ability to set the access permissions on an app for each user.

If you only want to give the ability to view the records of an app, and not allow them create, edit, or delete records, make sure the rights are unchecked for that user.

Set an App to Read Only

In the following example, we will use the Invoice app.

  1. On the app you wish to restrict permissions, click the vertical ellpisis [], and then click Manage from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click Permissions.

  3. For the user you wish to restrict permissions on, uncheck Edit and then Delete by their name. (Although Create is checked by default, it is not implemented and can be ignored.)

  4. Click Save.

Now, the user will be restricted from creating a new record in the app.

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