Button Object

Different types of settings, styles, and actions that can be used on buttons.

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You probably know what a button is already, since you use them every day, but in Method terms, buttons run actions when a Method user clicks on them.

Button Object Properties

When you select the button object, you will be able to configure its settings, styles, and events associated with it.


  • Button Text: The text you place in here will appear inside the button.

  • Hide Button Text: If you’re just labeling your control for your own information but don’t want the text to show in the live screen, check this box.

  • Load State: The default state of the control: regular/hidden/disabled.

  • Show Icon: Click this checkbox if you want an icon on the button.

    • Button Icon:  This dropdown only appears if Show Icon is checked. The icon chosen in the dropdown will appear on the button.

    • Icon Alignment:  This option only appears if Show Icon is checked. Choose whether the icon will be aligned to the left or the right side of the button text.

  • Width: How wide should your control be in relation to the screen?  

    • Auto: button will be the width of the button text and/or icon.

    • Fixed: assign the width of the button in pixels. Append "px" to the number.

    • Full: button will be full width of the section or cell it has been dragged into.


  • Button: Choose the text size, background color of the button, and font color.

  • Borders: Choose the size, style, and color of the top, bottom, left and right borders.

Actions / Events

  • Click Event - Triggered when a Method User left-clicks on the button.

Notes on Button Object

The text set in Button text is variable.

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