Calendar-Based Scheduling

The Work Orders Calendar is used to provide you and your users an effortless way to keep track of all your work orders by day or week. 

You can access your calendar by clicking the vertical ellipses () on your Work Orders App and selecting Calendar

The Work Order Calendar works the same way as the Activities Calendar. For more information, see its related articles:

Zone-Based Scheduling

Sometimes, work orders are scheduled with tentative times. Such is the case with companies who use zone-based scheduling. Under this workflow, dispatchers decide to service an area when resources are available or when enough work requests have come in. The goal is to quickly identify the opportunity and optimize routes to minimize time travelled.

Zone-Based services (services that are scheduled by geographical area instead of by date) in Method Field Services are handled by the Waiting status and can be viewed by selecting Shared Work Order Waiting List in the Work Orders List Filter Views.

The Waiting List contains all work orders that have a status containing the word "Waiting", including any status you make yourself. The Waiting list can be very useful if you have a series of work orders that are waiting on an available tech, for example, or if the work order is waiting for an available time to be addressed.

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