The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into Method.

  1. The Left menu has icons to favourited apps.
  2. The magnifying glass is your Contacts Search (turned on via Display Preferences). When doing a search, only the top 10 results will be returned. You are able to search on: Name (Fullname, First Name, Last Name), Email, Company, and Phone number. 
  3. The plus symbol is a Global Add which adds a new record of your choice (e.g. New Invoice). 
  4. The question mark pops open a right panel to access help search as well as chat.
  5. The upper-right gear icon opens the Right menu to access your preferences, subscriptions, and sign out.
  6. The main area shows App tiles you are subscribed to.

Left Menu

The left menu contains icons corresponding to favourited apps. Clicking on an icon will take you to the app. An app will appear here if:

  • you are subscribed to the pack
  • you have permission to the app
  • the app is starred

Right Menu

The gear icon opens the right menu:


The preferences screen allows you to make changes to your account. Every user will have access to the below options you can find more information in our article Your Preferences.

  • Profile - Settings related to sign in.
  • Email - Email address, signature, and server settings.
  • Notifications - Email or SMS notification settings.
  • Integrations - Settings for integrations (e.g. Gmail Sidebar, MailChimp).

Users with administrative permissions, you have access to everything else:


Opens your subscription screen. For more information, see Subscribe and Unsubscribe.

Switch account

If you have multiple Method accounts, use this function to switch accounts without signing out and signing back in.

Sign out

Signs you out of this Method account.

App Tiles

Each app you have installed is represented by a tile: 

Each tile looks different, depending on the app it represents, but on every tile you can:

  • Access the app's most commonly-used screens (e.g. ⊕ New and # Active on the Contacts app).
  • Read a brief description of the app.
  • Use the vertical ellipsis button ( ) to access more options, like the app's preferences. Find more information in the corresponding app documentation.

Note: Users with administrative access can also manage apps from the ellipses menu.

App Tile Customization

You're also given three further options from the ( ) menu:

1. Move the app tile around your dashboard (do this to re-order the way your app tiles appear when you log in):

2. Change the colour of the app tile:

3. Star and favourite apps you often use:

Removing the star will minimize the app and it moves to the bottom of your dashboard

You can favourite minimized apps at any time by clicking the ellipsis (⋮) and reselecting the star icon.

Note: These three options only influence the dashboard of the user currently signed in. Each user is free to customize their own dashboards using these options.

Adding New Apps

At the end of the app tile section, there is an outlined box labeled Add / Remove Apps

Clicking this button takes you to a screen where you can add new packs and create your own custom apps (see Subscribe for more information).

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