The Picture object lets you add an image to your screen.


  • Caption: Name of the the picture object. This is not a caption you would normally find underneath a picture.
  • Hide Caption: If you’re just labeling your control for your own information but don’t want the text to show in the live screen, check this box.
  • Load State: The initial state when the screen loads.
  • Default Image: The default image when a picture hasn’t been chosen yet
  • Selected Image: Upload an image file to be displayed.
  • Size: There are three choices of sizing
    - Fixed Height & Width – the size of the image will never change
    - Responsive (auto height) – the picture resizes to fit the height
    - Responsive (background) – the picture resizes to fit the background
  • Height/Width: Select the height and width based on pixels or percentage of area.


  • Border size/color/style: Change the size, color and style of your border.

Actions / Events

  • Click event: The click event triggers if the picture object is clicked.
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